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Relationship Confidence Coaching

Get to know me

I am a Cleveland, Ohio native and completed my undergraduate degree at Baldwin Wallace University, where I double majored in Psychology and Business. I continued my graduate studies at the University of Akron and graduated with my Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. Since then, I’ve continued enhancing my education through studying sex therapy at The Buehler Institute, as well as any additional relationship or intimacy related trainings I can squeeze into my schedule!

When I’m not helping others improve their confidence and relationships, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and giant dog. I enjoy being active, spending time outdoors, traveling, cooking, trying new restaurants, a good old Netflix binge, reading, buying too many house plants, or doing something artsy like painting or photography.


Therapy vs. Coaching

There are many similarities when it comes to therapy and coaching, but they are definitely NOT the same thing. 


Intended to diagnose and treat mental health disorders and symptoms

Often focuses on the past and trying to heal from it

Therapists typically have higher levels of professional education like a masters or doctorate degree, as well as having to pass a licensing board exam

Most therapists can make great coaches


Focuses less on healing and more on

future growth

Focuses on taking action in the present to shape our future development

A coach cannot be a therapist without the proper education or licensure 

Results and action driven, therefore, usually more short term compared to therapy which often takes years to see results

It is very possible for someone to work simultaneously with a life coach and therapist, however, both professionals should be aware of the other professional relationship and its goals.


My coaching business is completely separate from my practice as a therapist. I do not intermingle coaching and therapy clients. If during our time working together, it becomes apparent that a client is struggling with mental health issues that require a higher level of service than coaching can offer, I am ethically obligated to refer you to seek treatment. 


The information provided on this website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional psychological or medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. 

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